SSDCSovereign States Drug Consortium

The Sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) is a collaborative group of Medicaid states. Collectively members are focused on providing quality pharmaceutical care while controlling costs.

The primary activity of the SSDC is a Medicaid drug rebate program that negotiates for rebates that are in addition to those required under the federal Medicaid Drug Rebate Program. The SSDC also provides a forum for Member States to cooperate in other areas of pharmacy benefit administration and management in Medicaid and other publicly funded pharmacy benefit programs. One such project is a diabetic supply rebate program.

Goold Health Systems of Augusta, Maine is the SSDC’s current supplemental rebate negotiator and has managed the SSDC negotiation process since contract year 2006. For more information on Goold see

For more information about the SSDC and its programs and activities, see the Document Downloads section of this page.

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Important News and Deadlines

The Sovereign States Drug Consortium (SSDC) is pleased to announce the addition of two new Member States, Delaware and North Dakota. The SSDC now represents ten states and over 2.5 million Medicaid recipients.

The SSDC is the only state-administered Medicaid supplemental drug rebate pool. Member States contract for SSDC-negotiated supplemental rebates via their own individual Supplemental Rebate Agreements, enabling them to retain control and flexibility in the management of their individual pharmacy benefits while taking advantage of the additional leverage provided by the large number of beneficiary lives covered by their pool.

Now in its tenth year of operation, the SSDC was first authorized by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2006 in the approvals of the supplemental rebate State Medicaid Plan amendments of the founding Member States - Iowa, Maine, and Vermont. Since 2006, the states of Utah, Wyoming, West Virginia, Oregon, and Mississippi have joined the SSDC and received CMS approval of their plans. In 2015, the states of North Dakota and Delaware will be seeking CMS approval.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services (DHS) Medicaid Program will begin supplemental rebate contracting later in 2015.

The Delaware Health and Social Services (DHS) Supplemental Rebate Agreements for offers made to the SSDC will be effective on July 1, 2016, at which point DMMA will cease participation in its current multistate Medicaid drug rebate pool.